Manfred Werder's stück 1998 seiten 1-4000 consists of 160'000 time units. One time unit consists of 6 seconds of sound, followed by 6 seconds of silence. The sound is indicated by a pitch from a six octave range. Pitches which can't be played by instruments are to read in time nevertheless. The score is performed - in sections - in one succession. Total duration is 533 hours 20 minutes.

Werder started working on stück 1998 in autumn 1997, and performed the pages 1-3 in December 1997 in Sucre, Bolivia. Over the course of 1998, He worked on the concept of both the ongoing writing project and its one successive and intermittent performance. However, the pages of that year's performances still had been selected by chance operation. In March 1999, the performance restarted at page 95. In 2001, reaching page 4000, he stopped writing. The entire score has been exhibited thrice, in Aarau in May 2004 (Moments Musicaux / incidental music), in Berlin in September 2005 (incidental music), and in Leuven February 2010 (Artefact Festival).

This guitar actualization, consisting of pages 676 to 683, has been recorded on April 1, 2014 at Estudios MadreSelva, Chile.