seis pequeñas piezas para guitarra

Seis pequeñas piezas para guitarra (2018)

Grabado en Chicureo, Santiago de Chile en Diciembre de 2018 por Cristián Alvear.
Mezclado y masterizado por Cristián Alvear.

Dedicado a Nicolás Carrasco y Santiago Astaburuaga.

Diseño por Liu Lu.

Publicado el 21 de Marzo de 2019.


Brian Olewnick para Just Outside (EEUU)
"Alvear is exceedingly clear--he plays single notes, tonal and warm, in a slow but regular cadence, sometimes leaving them hanging, sometimes accompanying them with a second tone, sometimes playing arpeggios, letting them shimmer for several seconds, as in 'III' here, elsewhere cycles of four notes with additional, irregular accents. The pitches chosen will usually generate gentle overtones and pulses and while one sequence will be repeated quite often, when Alvear shifts the pitch, the difference is both striking and, oddly, emotional, as though the listener's sympathies have been discreetly constructed all along, without one's noticing."

Cook para Tiny Mix Tapes (UK)
"Alvear expresses time at this synchronous pace. His systematic, minimalist compositions for solo guitar speak to a hereafter that’s not here and not after. One like another as one by another. Something secret you can experience on the street, quietly, at a distance when there is no option for an actual remove."