pieza para guitarra afinada

Cristián Alvear: pieza para guitarra afinada
para Nick Hoffman y Taku Sugimoto
Cassette edition of 80

Grabado por Cristián Alvear en Estudios Madre Selva, Santiago de Chile, Abril del 2018
Compuesto por Cristián Alvear

Making direct reference to Erik Satie’s enigmatic Vexations, Pieza Para Guitarra Afinada (Piece For Tuned Guitar), by guitarist Cristián Alvear, is a highly focused exploration of repetition and extreme duration. Utilizing small melodic cells and nontraditional tuning, Alvear crafts a hypnotic, wave-like structure that seems to subtly bend or even suspend the perception of linear time.

Publicado el 28 de Septiembre, 2018.

Entrevista junto a Nick Hoffman acerca de pieza para guitarra afinada


"It some mental temerity on Alvear’s part not just to compose such an unflinching piece of music but to then relentlessly rehearse and perform it himself as well. Lesser souls would easily give up after half an hour and gone to the pub. I’m making it sound faintly dark and ominous and depressing – not which the music actually is - but actually, I think Alvear is attempting to push notions of the classical guitar recital to the very edges."

"The guitarist patiently allows his careful “melodic cells” to settle and grow within themselves, his acoustic plucking a study in discipline and focus. Drawing from Erik Satie’s “Vexations,” Alvear presents a single 90-minute piece that unfolds like clockwork."

"Recorded in one take, it's an exercise in concentration and determination on the part of both performer and listener. Alvear allows how pure replication of portions of the score as written is impossible and that's part of the piece's character. It's also a large part of the fascination as listener, noting the variations, the slightly altered tinges from one iteration to the next. A lovely and oddly strong piece, its stubbornness becoming a means to unlock aural pleasures that would otherwise remain unheard."