ocho pretextos

Cristián Alvear: guitar.
Cyril Bondi: percussions.
d'incise: electronics.

This chilean-swiss trio is adept of a delicate minimalism, drawing colors, tones, and sometimes even a few seconds of melodies, from folk sources. An experimental inspiration and reinterpretation stretched to the extreme, a ghostly, strange, peaceful and acoustic evocation.
Collaborating since 2014, the group composed this new serie of short pieces during two residencies in Osorno and Geneva during the spring 2019.
Cristián Alvear is an eminent figure of the chilean scene, having play many composers such as Micheal Pisaro, Catherine Lamb, Jurg Frey, etc, gaining a strong international respect. Cyril Bondi and d'incise, minds behind the Insub.label and orchestra, are tireless and radical explorers of the experimental field, building a web of collaborations since 15 years.

Composed by the trio during two residencies (January 2019 at Centro Cultural Sofia Hott, Osorno, Chile & May 2019, Insub.studio, Geneva, Switzlerand) with the support of COINCIDENCIA - Cultural Exchanges [Pro Helvetia].

Recorded and mixed at Insub.studio by d'incise.

released March 19, 2020