1.- I
2.- Untitled
3.- II

Actualizado por Ryoko Akama, Cristián Alvear, Cyril Bondi, y D'incise.
Grabado en Huddersfield, Santiago y Geneva 2015/2016
Mezcla y masterización por d'incise


Nathan Thomas para Fluid Radio (UK)
“The performance recorded by Akama, Alvear, Bondi, and d’incise is entrancing, with well-chosen sounds combined with precise control and subtlety. Their deep understanding of the music and of each other’s playing makes what could have been a dull, shapeless exercise into an absorbing panorama of sound. In today’s compulsively frenetic and cacophonous world, stillness is as rebellious and counter-cultural as it is rare; the still contours of music such as “mada” reveal the flatness of everything else.”

Frans de Waard para Vital Weekly (NL)
"This is some very intense music, and some refined beauty."