A távlat, ha hátulról

Recorded at Estudios MadreSelva in Santiago, Chile by Alfonso Pérez

A távlat, ha hátulról began as a transandine acoustic drone collaboration, limited to tones and/or the acoustic and physical properties from classical guitars.

Rather than simply recording a wide variety of sounds, rules were implemented, such as procedurally generating sine tones, projected into and through the bodies of the guitars. By exciting the guitar strings with tones that match specific frequencies, partials revealed themselves, sending Alvear and Courtis down new sonic paths to explore. This procedure resulted in full-colored, rich, and natural timbral outputs of the guitars themselves: in addition to resonances throughout the instruments' cavities, all of the sounds arise from sympathetic frequencies on strings and fretboards. The material was then given to Jones, composer ex post facto, using test equipment for spectral analysis of the sound, assembling the work into both colorful and atonal sequences, approaching the process as one might in a laboratory, ultimately layering, sequencing, and presenting the work as his own.

released December 13, 2017

Cristián Alvear
Alan Courtis
Alan F. Jones

Mixed by A.F. Jones at Laminal Audio
Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs

Design by Mathieu Ruhlmann